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This trade show took place at Pier 36 on the East River way downtown by Chinatown in New York City February 10 - 12, 2020 at the 

same time as NY Fashion Week. 


The show is about discovering new and upcoming women's brands along with independent designers that aren't mainstream. CABANA is about trend setting fashion and accessories CAPSULE features a curated mix of emerging and established brands with a commitment to fresh and exciting design. BRAND ASSEMBLY is about celebrating fashion/lifestyle companies that are a little more well known. ELEMENTS is about new beauty + fragrance brands that most of you have never heard of. Since is was a show that took place in February the spotlight of the show was on women's sexual health and wellness. I interviewed three brands that I thought had some interesting new products to buy. Since we are all stuck at home because of the Coronavirus now is a great time to do some special beauty treatments on taking care of yourself. You can order off all the websites in the brands that I interviewed too.


Since we are all stuck in quarantine, aren't supposed to be having any casual sexual interludes with lovers, prostitutes or pickups then these sex toys are the answer to giving women sexual pleasure. This is a female oriented line of sex toys in pretty colors and smaller sizes than the kind that you find at the sex store or online. Most of those toys are designed by men that don't take into consideration that not all females want a big plastic toy to use that won't even fit inside of their vagina. The company's motto: "Sex positive and pleasure centered." The company is based in Long Island but owens all of it's manufacture facilities and has over 1,200 products. This company wants you to feel comfortable buying your pleasure accessories where you shop for your fashion accessories because most women won't go into a sex store without a partner. The vibrators can be used inside or outside of the vagina and are water resistant so they can be used in the tub/shower/pool/jacuzzi. What I liked about this collection is that they had many sizes for different stages in a women's life meaning the vibrators range for a female in menopause or a woman that has had a baby recently. Gaia collection is the world first biodegradable vibrator of starch based plastic so when it doesn't fit you anymore you can throw it away and know that is won't sit in landfill for 100 or more years. Another product for a woman going thru menopause or going/gone thru a hysterectomy is a Dilator. What it does is stretch your vagina gradually so you can have intercourse again. You start with the smallest size you can put in your vagina comfortably to get it to adjust to having an object in it and then you move up in size as you have less pain with it in you. The sizes are are 1/2" to 1 1/4". Another cute product, so very discreet that you can put it in your cosmetic bag is the vibrator lipstick that works on the clitoris giving it stimulation. These products can be used with water based lubricants too. Priced $20.00 - $45.00. Wanting some workshops on how to use these toys then go to the blog part on their website.


​This based/made in Brooklyn, NY collection of beauty products in small craft batches is about taking care of yourself. Now is the time to start because we are all cooped up at home and have time to take baths and relax for a change. All products are vegan and all natural that use no milk or honey in them. Since we all need to align are Chakras that include 7 energy centers this collection of perfume oils will do the trick when you put it on the body. The oils are: Root = notes of grounding sandalwood & cedar that makes you feel grounded, Sacral = notes of sensual jasmine & musk that gives sexual energy, Solar Plexus = notes of empowering citrus & juniper gives you self confidence, Heart = notes of heart expansive rose & bergamot = love, Throat = notes of calming sea water & blue tansy that helps you find your voice, Third Eye = notes of cosmic vanilla & crystal minerals helps with intuition and Crown = notes of enlightening amber & frankincense connects your spiritual energy. 8ml/.27 ounce = $20.00 each oil. Skincare = Lit = a glow enhancing face wash, Beam = hyaluronic acid face mist, Aura = AHA brightening cream and Halo = pineapple resurfacing treatment. 120ml/4oz $20.00 each product. Bath Soaks are epsom salt based so they relax muscles. Milky Way = cosmic - notes of vanilla & ozone and Juice Cleanse. 200g/7oz $14.00 each package of soak. To buy


Do you ever notice why the Korean women have such beautiful non blemished skin? Well these products maybe are the reason why. A line of skincare from 1897 in Korea. The parent company is Dongwha Phar and was the first established Korean Pharmaceutical Company. The company first developed a Whal Myung Su which translates to a life saving water that contains 11 herbal ingredients with traditional medicinal properties. 5 were selected with outstanding skin benefits to create WM1897-PS that has natural anti oxidant properties that have a calming effect on the skin while vitamins improve skin clarity vitality and lock in moisture. The line features all natural ingredients that are paraben free and cruelty free. An active ingredient, violet azulene is derived from eucalyptus and it helps sensitive skin by soothing and calming it down. The main product that they feature is Skin Elixer which is an all in one moisturiser that offers moisturization, together with antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial effects that comes in a 100ml bottle. Another way the Skin elixir comes in a mask that is like a second skin that hugs the face. Some other products they make are hydrating and revitalizing creams, cleansing balm/bar/capsules,a mineral soothing patch for redness on the face and an antioxidant rejuvenating serum. Most of these products are geared to younger skin ages 18 - 30 that don't need anti aging products. As always on Asian products the packaging on this line is so beautiful. Priced $30.00 and up. To order

Photos and Article by Trend and Fashion Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti.

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​COTERIE Javits Center NYC February 11 - 13, 2020

This trade show took place at Javits Center in NYC on February 11 - 13, 2020. The show covered women's clothing, shoes, accessories with buyers and vendors coming from all over the world. I've been attending this show for many many years and I'm always amazed at the fashions shown because the vendors bring a fresh point of view every season. Fashion is an ever changing business and trends change seasonally if not sooner. By walking the show I anzalized the new trends that I saw along with what seemed to be the current trend at the moment. The tradeshow was broken down by different segments: Moda is classic and current trend clothing for the older more conservative woman; Sole Commerce has shoes and boots from huge labels to smaller South American and European designers; Fame caters to younger, hipper and trendy customer but not necessarily young females; Coterie covers big well known brands to up and coming designers with a fresh perspective on fashion and last is Children's Club that has the most beautiful, classic and funky clothing, shoes and accessories for newborns up to age 14 that makes me want to be a child ages😉. For more information on attending the show or being a vendor go to

We all know by now the trends for spring in clothing is the maxi dress in small floral prints with a ruffle at the hem or the puff sleeve blouse. Well your lucky for the peasant blouse continues so you don't have to get rid of last years blouses. Wedge sandals are the perfect shoe to wear with the long dresses because you need a shoe that lifts you off the ground so the bottom of the skirt doesn't drag and get ripped. Pants are high waist full or narrow legged. "Mom jeans" are the newest look in denim meaning the kind of jean that sits at the waist and is baggy through the thigh but slims down below the knee. Jewelry is all about thick gold or colored plastic/resin chains in necklaces or bracelets, skinny chains with pendants, big hoop earrings, large cuff bracelets with stones inlaid. Fall fashions are still about the long flowing dress but tailored clothes like we wore in the 1980's is making a comeback along with bow blouses. Fur in either real or faux is the biggest trend in vest, short chubby jackets, hair scrunchies, pom poms on knitted hats and trimmed on gloves.

In my first photo I didn't interview the designers but I'll give you the websites to go and buy what's in the photos because the clothing was so pretty on the ladies I had to put it in my blog. The top left photo is Blank London, bottom left photo is Diana Kassabov and last the big white shirt is from Forwear, so to find out where you can obtain it contact Linda Weitzman for stores/websites to buy from and make sure you tell her I sent you 212-398-8899, Extension 110 or email her


This company has been in business for 35 years and they use to be located in the garment center but have now relocated to Westchester. She started out by making wool coats made in NYC but has now gone with the more casual trend in fur pieces. I interviewed Linda because I remember her company for many years and had always wanted to meet her because she made high quality fashions. Being that she is an industry pro she saw the demand for luxurious fur jackets to wear with jeans or skirts and fur accessories and switched gears. She uses 19 factories overseas and each factory specializes in different furs. The furs she uses are Mink, Lamb, Fox, Rex Rabbit, Mongolian Lamb, Sable and Chinchilla in lots of colors. Her furs are modern and the jackets are lightweight to be worn in the car by moms picking up their kids from school or the city dweller in Winter over sweaters with jeans and boots, or Spring and Fall over a gown or cocktail dress at night. Some of the styles are reversible jackets, vest and bomber jackets. Lots of different techniques are used to make these furs unique such as tip dying (where the tips of the fur garment are dyed a different color then the rest of the garment) intarsia is insertion of different pieces of colored fur into the body of the item, braiding or spraying the furs with metalic. If you just want a fur accessory then she has hats, scarves, key chains or fur trimmed gloves, hats and scarves also. In the photos I had a buyer model all the jackets because she looked so fabulous in them. 😀 By the way REAL FUR disintegrates into the ground while faux fur is made petroleum and will take forever to dissolve in landfill. Accessories are $95.00 - $600.00 and jackets/coats $600.00 - $5,000.00. She sells to 2,500 stores in the USA. To find out where you can buy her fashions or email


Since I'm a huge lover of cases for beauty products I felt this line was the perfect solution for traveling with all your beauty products safely so nothing breaks and conveniently. You wash your makeup brushes don't you then why shouldn't you be able to wash your makeup bags because they get dirty too? Well problem solved for this collection is a machine washable luxury fabric and the leather cases have removable liners that can be machine washed also. The concept of this collection is to make sure the bags are with you from home to gym and to travel with you to your next adventure. The gold plated zippers and zipper pulls are high quality and won't break like the cheap plastic ones on most makeup bags. These cases open wide for easy access and so you don't have to dump all your bags contents out to find something you're looking for. Bright colors such as royal blue, fuschia, red, purple, teal are the inside colors which make it easy to see inside and grab what your're looking for. Outside colors are black, navy and grey so the dirt doesn't show. The bags come in 3 sizes: everyday (for your purse), signature good for gym and vacationer which is great to travel with. They also have snap in organizers for brushes, pencils, lipsticks and other makeup. In the photo you can see they make small zipper bags to guard against your small glass bottles breaking or leaking and that in itself is a great idea. Prices are $45.00 - $229.00. To buy


​This collection is made in Miami, Florida. It's based on the resort or warm climate lifestyle with bright colors/prints and lightweight fabrics. By the way the designer is holding up his creations in my photos. His fabrics are stretchy so they can move with the body, seasonless and timeless. The fashions are sold in America, South America and Europe. This line is for all kinds of women who feel "age is just a number" meaning you are not too old or too young to wear his pretty fashions. These clothes are easy to wear and pack for a trip. Styles in pants are wide legged, ruffled bottom bell bottoms, straight legged and carrot top. Tops are tied at the waist, halter, tunics, off the shoulder, camisole, one shoulder, puff sleeve and tube top. Dresses are short to the knee and can be worn over pants or alone. Some other styles of clothing he makes are hi/lo meaning hi in the front and low in the back at the hem and jumpsuits. Fabrics are lace, shimmer and lots of accordion pleating. This is the perfect line for ladies who like flowing, feminine and sexy clothing. The prints are very pretty in my opinion. Sizes run XS - XL. Prices $120.00 & up. To order for Spring/Summer 2020

Photos and Article by Trend and Fashion Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti.

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Sniffapalooza - Scent Events For the Fragrance Enthusiast

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane interviews Founder and Creator Karen Dubin about Sniffapalooza

Sniffapalooza is an event-based group of fragrance aficionados that originated in New York City and now unites perfume enthusiasts from around the world. What started as a small group of women getting together to shop and share their passion for perfume, has grown into a phenomenon that has attained international recognition through TIME Magazine, Forbes, CBS MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, ELLE, Allure, Glamour, More, Beauty Fashion, Brigitte (Germany), Fragrance Forum, WWD BeautyBiz, and many others.

Sniffapalooza is the creation of Karen Dubin, and the event has reached new proportions with the collaboration of Karen Adams. Sniffapalooza Events occur several times a year and draw hundreds of kindred spirits, both men and women, of all age ranges. Members meet perfumers, representatives from fragrance houses, fragrance journalists, authors and celebrities. They preview new launches, are privy to special motion picture screenings, and participate in fragrance workshops. World-renowned perfumers Yosh Han and Lorenzo Villoresi have created bespoke fragrances in honor of Sniffapalooza.

Past events have been held at Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel, Birchbox, Takashimaya, Annick Goutal Boutiques, Krigler Perfumery, MiN NY, Lafco NY, Le Labo, Bond No. 9, and Anna Sui. Demeter, Aedes de Venustas. Creed, Guerlain, Chanel, Molton Brown, Thierry Mugler, L’Artisan and Cartier have held Master Classes for Sniffapalooza. Ron Robinson of Apothia at Fred Segal and Luckyscent hosted Sniffapalooza for West Coast Events. Sniffapalooza travels abroad each year with a small group of fragrance enthusiasts. Past excursions include Paris, Florence, London, Dusseldorf, Grasse, Barcelona and Lisbon.

Sniffapalooza was invited to speak at The Fragrance Foundation’s Think Tank Breakfast discussion series, and were Guest Speakers at the American Society of Perfumer’s “Cruise Around Manhattan.” Sniffapalooza also participated in panel discussions at the HBA Global Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, ScentWorld, Fashion Group International, and RIFM. Sniffapalooza has been tapped to curate the Discover Scent program for Niche Perfumery at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas in 2015 and 2016. Karen Dubin received the Great Idea Award for Fragrance Innovation at CEW’s 2013 Achiever’s Awards.

Next event will be APR


Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2020 in NYC!

Apr 25 - Apr 26 · 24 guests

Bergdorf Goodman

New York

For more information please visit

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​Liberty Fairs was held at Pier 94 in NYC on January 20 - 22, 2020. The theme of the show was "Proceed with Intention" the meaning is take a moment and think about your purpose in all things that you do in your life. The special features of the show were: 1.The General Store where home-ware, apothecary brands and small batch goods, well crafted clothing, Made in America and vintage clothing all resided. 2.Above Tree Line is a section of the show devoted to the man who loves the outdoors. 3. Stocked Shop is a direct to consumer specialty store that is all about street wear clothing. 4. The Grove was a pop up wellness center on CBD brands and that is what I'm writing about in this blog. Sections 3 and 4 were open to the public/show attendees but sections 1 and 2 open to press and buyers only.


Before I wrote about CBD I really knew very little about the subject until I interviewed the owner of the shop COME BACK DAILY in NYC which has 3 locations in Manhattan and sells many premium brands of CBD products. This store was sought out from Liberty Fairs to exhibit at the show and sell their many products to the public and to the industry attendees. All the stores have the same phone number 212-601-2752. WWW.COMEBACKDAILY.CO

CBD = help for sleep, anxiety, pain and many other aliments. Many people think CBD gets you high like pot but it doesn't. Oh sorry you thought you could get high legally now🤣 The similarities are that is comes from the same plant but in a different area then where the Marijuana comes from. When you visit the store the staff will ask you what is wrong with you before they recommend products. The salespeople can give you some samples to try and when they work to heal you then go back to buy the full size bottles. Some of the staff from the store was at the booth at the show and they were very helpful and informative so I encourage you to go and have a visit with them. All of the brands I wrote about below are carried in the store plus their founders were at the show so I got a chance to interview them. By talking to them in person I got to learn more about this fantastic new holistic and wellness medicine that you don't need a prescription for. Count me in for I don't take prescription medication but really believe that the CBD treatments are the way to heal whatever is bothering you. 


A brand of CBD out of California that has an isolate formula with no THC (the ingredient of pot that gets you high) in it. It comes in capsules, oils and pain creams.


​is a full spectrum collection of CBD products that include tinctures, lotions, balms and gel caps.

FENIX CBD ​are CBD buds that you roll up and smoke like a joint. This flower is grown in Oregon and the joint will last for a long time besides smelling great. Gee if you live in a state where pot is still illegal then smoking this is a double whammy for it's legal and it heals the body/mind.😉


​is NY based collection with a broad spectrum of formulas that have added medicinal herbs to boost the CBD tinctures organically. They have lots of roll on products for pain for living in NYC is strenuous on the body with all the walking and caring of bags that we do.🙁

Photos and Article by Fashion and Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti

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Project took place January 19-21, 2020 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. It's a tradeshow (for retailers weather brick and mortar/online or press) about men's contemporary, classic, lifestyle, footwear and accessories catering to an upscale market. The show is broken down in the following sections: The Tents - hip and trendy, Denim Room - cutting edge denim fashions, The Foundry - emerging contemporary brands, MRKET - classic clothing, Made in Italy - the highest quality clothing that is made in Italy, Project Sole - the newest styles in sneakers and shoes, and Brits in New York - British menswear featuring heritage and sartorial apparel and accessories.

Fashion and Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti Poses for a photo-op at PROJECT Trade Show

Men's trends don't change as fast as women's fashion trends do but I'm sure you all want to know the latest trends in denim? Well I keep preaching ripped jeans are over😉 which they are according to what I saw in the booths that sold denim. The newest look in denim is refurbished jeans. All you have to do is take your ripped jeans that you own and paid $200.00 for and hand sew patches on them along with distressing them a bit here and there with bleach. While your at it put some embroidery on them so they look like the jeans of the Hippie Era in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Oh you aren't the DIY kind of guy then if you read down below I have a designer that sells the look ready made for you. The look is all about sustainability which is the new buzzword in the fashion industry that is trying to save our planet because the industry at one time polluted it so much!

Other Fall 2020 trends are longer hair to the collar as seen on the models in my photo collage. Pants are carrot shaped, waistbands have a drawstring to make them tighter and rolled up cuffs on dark denim straight legged jeans. Ankle length trousers with slim openings are worn with white socks and dark shoes which is a throwback to the 1980's. Bucket hats and beanies are the newest look in headwear. Scarves draped in circles around the neck is a new look meant to be worn with coats or blazers. The newest look in coats out of Europe is ankle length but I mainly saw wool top coats to the knee at the show. 


This guy is a pro on denim and has worked at many Italian fashion labels. He was the official Brand Ambassador and Creative Director for the Denim Room part of the show. Over the years he has collected many vintage military, hunting and fishing jackets along with all sorts of denim garments. His pieces aren't musty like you would find in a trunk in the attic but archival items in great shape. He keeps his 7,000 piece collection in a warehouse in Los Angeles, California. Included in his collection are 2,000 pieces of vintage Vietnam and Korean War uniforms. His vision is to collect to inspire him with new ideas.

In his LA factory his staff recycles and refurbishes many pieces of one of kind fashions. This is done by hand stitching or as he calls it "work of love" denim patches underneath the rips in the jeans. Another embellishment is hand embroidery on the patches or elsewhere on the jeans. This process is called repair or to make new and useable again by transformation or recycling. Prices for these unique fashions are $100.00 - $800.00 and can be ordered off the website WWW.ATELIERANDREPAIRS.COM or you can go to his store and try on some handcrafted item Atelier and Repairs, 710 North Edinburgh Avenue, Los Angeles, California,90046


A new to USA men's shoe and sneaker line that is handcrafted in Turkey and mainly Italy but designed in Israel. The collection combines classic European styles from Wing Tip to funky sneakers combing leather with fabric. All footwear has extremely padded inner soles for extra comfort while walking or standing for long periods of time. I felt the inner soles and they more padded than any other sneaker or shoe I've encountered before.😀 Flexible rubber outsoles in footwear too. Their logo is a black bow like in a classic bowtie on outsole or back of sneakers and that is a charming touch.

Shoe styles consist of a Suede Derby with rubber outsole that looks great with rolled up jeans. A Leather Derby style that has an ombre effect (where part of the shoe is dark shade of a color and then goes lighter in another part of the shoe) and leather lined/outsole with high quality laces. They have many sneaker styles:

1. Suede and soft vinyl combination so that your pattern socks can be seen thru the see thru fabric on the sides, 2. Nylon and suede with extremely thick rubber soles that won't wear out, 3. Three tone leather sneaker with a black tip/tongue mixed with white and orange. 4. A style that I haven't seen anyplace else is an orange and black sneaker with transparent outsole and see thru sides. Priced $275.00 - $375.00. A wide size assortment 5 1/2 - 14 in Narrow/Medium/Wide. To buy WWW.FIOCCONERO.COM


​Collection of leather men's bags and cases for the guy who travels lots. They are designed in Germany but made in Pakistan in a company owned factory so workers are treated fairly and given loads of social benefits. Unlike many factories in this country where you read everyday the workers are treated like slaves; this company ensures workers safety, working conditions, employee health insurance, paid sick leave, and 3x more income than the other factories. 30% of revenue goes towards educating the Muslim girls who normally would not be educated all.😢 The owner of this business has lived in Pakistan and saw the working conditions of females and that is why he started this business.

The company's slogan is "The bags are man's best companion to everyday life in the best of moments and the ordinary moments." The designers ask customers about design and functionality and then design the collection around some of the consumers ideas. The bags contain many compartments to store your laptop along with your business papers. Many styles are all in one, meaning you can carry your gym gear and your laptop together so you don't get loaded down by caring too many bags on the NYC subway and leave one behind when you get off the train.😩 The leather is extremely lightweight and is from an LWG approved tannery in Pakistan that reuses its wastewater. Expand the photo on your phone/computer/tablet to see the many styles they make. Priced at $75.00 for a laptop to $499.00 for a large travel bag that you will have for years to come. Go shop now WWW.BUCKLEANDSEAM.COM   

Photos and Article by Fashion and Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti

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Fashion and Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti Poses for a photo-op at MODA Accessories The Show

Spring is in about two months from now but as I'm writing this blog the weather in NYC seems like Spring already.😉 Ladies, it's time to put away your ripped jeans and leggings and think about putting on some of romantic dresses in pastel garden party prints with ruffles/flounced skirts that I saw at the shows and look feminine again. Oh you insist on wearing jeans, well then how about an updated look such as the high waisted with big bell bottoms that you can wear with one of the puff/bell sleeve & tied at the waist blouses in a sheer fabric that's all the rage? Since leggings are staples in every woman's wardrobe then you can make them look more in style by putting on a crochet duster (sleeved or sleeveless) and wearing a tee shirt underneath. While your shopping either online or at stores don't forget to grab some oversized/slouchy crochet bags, straw floppy hats, resin link necklaces, belt bags, obi sash/rope belts and layered metal chain necklaces to make last years clothes look like this years clothes.

Other trends are Americana (red/white/blue) with western boots hitting just above the ankle, large black and white polka dot/rainbow stripes in prints, neon in lime green is replacing 2019 neon yellow, animal prints look newest in giraffe/tiger/zebra and jungle themes with emphasis on leafy motifs. 1980's power suits are back and updated with open toe shoes instead of pumps like we wore back then and meant to be worn with tee shirts or tie neck blouses. The newest shoe style is pointed toe mules with a blocked heel in colorful snake prints. Hair accessories in scrunchies, knot headbands continue but what is really new is crystals and jewels that come on Bobbi Pins meant to be worn at the side of the head.


The slogan of this evening bag collection is "own that bag" and with bags this gorgeous you definitely will want one in your closet for when you have a dressy cocktail event to go. You definitely won't see yourself coming and going with one of these unique bags that are pieces of art. Let's say your wearing "the little black dress" then you add one of these bags and now your making your own personal statement.Gayatri Chopra, Creative Director started the brand in India in 2009 where they are all handmade and hand embroidered by many artisans. In 2016 she launched the brand in USA with her sister in law. She is part of the Accessories Council.

Some of the interesting fabrics used are handcrafted in India and are called IKAT which is a hand painted fabric and ZARDOZI a process where a metal wire is hand embroidered on silk shantung fabric. The bags start with a handmade wooden box. All have a shoulder chain strap that folds inside bag because at many evening events you aren't sitting at a table and need to have your bag on your arm while holding a plate of food or a drink. All closures are magnetic so you don't have to push the purse hard to close. Some of the intricate work in sequins and beads is hand sewn on cotton fabric. Other styles with detailed work is hand cut/stitched brass metal that is electroplated in silver, gold, rose gold, antique gold, gunmetal. When they are all together the look is an ombre effect and a fringe effect on the bag. Another beautiful detail is the braided chain along the edges of the bags.

A slightly larger bag is called "brunch briefcase" (box bag) because it's a bag you can take out to brunch on the weekend and it's still small enough to put on the table. Being that the bag is so pretty you know you want to display it on the table for everyone at the restround to see.😉 Since the designer has an obsession with beatles (bugs) because of their iridescent color she had hand embroidered sequin beatles put on the sides of the bag. Retail prices $225.00 - $495.00. To order: WWW.SIMITRIDESIGNS.COM 


At last a collection of bags for the brides with sayings such as I do, Mrs, Bride and Love . All the bags are handmade in Michigan, USA. Not only is this collection geared toward brides but also black tie or cocktail events. All crystals used are Swarovski and put on by hand which is very intricate work. Their also is a pearl collection on white satin bags with pearl fringe dangling down the front. The bags are a basic box purse with satin fabric put on by hand on the inside and outside. You get to choose the fabric colors to make up your bag and the colors can be mixed or matched on the inner/outer part of the bag. Your choice of colors are white, ivory, blush, black and light blue. The frames come in antique brass and silvertone finishes which you also get to pick. Clear lucite box boxes can be monogrammed with your initials or another saying of your choice as long as the designer Ariel Taub feels it will all fit on the bag. Some other motifs on the bags are polka dot and stripes. All bags come with chain and in 2 sizes: 6 1/2 H x 3/4 deep which will fit your phone, some business/credit cards and a lipstick but if your getting married what more do you need to carry in your bag. The other size is 7 3/4 H x 4 1/2 deep that will fit the note phone. Retail prices $390.00 - $690.00. The bags are sold at Kleinfelds in NYC. The designer is also a member of Accessories Council.

There is also a jewelry collection not shown in my photo above that is perfect for brides that don't want a traditional strand of pearls around the neck along with pearl stud earrings. The collection consist of lariat necklaces that can be styled four different ways. All metal in gold, gunmetal and silvertone $84.00 - $96.00 and matching earrings $54.00. The ends of the lariats come with metal spikes, crystal teardrops and pearls. The jewelry can go from bridal to everyday. Both the bags and the jewelry are in specialty stores around USA and they can be found at WWW.ARIELTAUB.COM


These bags are all about color with a vintage inspiration that are handmade in India of Italian nappa leather. Minimal hardware is used on these bags and the inside has slots for cards. Colors are cappuccino, pearl white, cabernet, emerald, cotton candy, black, berry and vintage blue. Styles consist of: small pouch bag that has a wood ring closure and a structured small bag has cut out handles or shoulder strap with snap closure and cotton twill lining. The great feature of this bag is the inside card slots which makes it easy to quickly grab your business card at a party or business event before your prospective client gets away. There is also an oversized circle bag with the seams turned in by hand so there are no raw edges, inside pocket and zipper top closure. A unique style that I haven't seen in the market before is a rectangular suede and leather hobo style with a slit pocket inside. A couple other small bags are the mini bucket with double wood handles and a travel clutch that you can wear cross body so it can't get snached off your arm and it contains a pocket for your phone/cards/money but has a snap pocket so the thief can't grab your stuff.😞

Payton James the designer also makes a hand crochet raffia bag collection for summer or resort. The raffia is in a hand dyed color mixed with natural color raffia over double wood ring handles and is unlined. One style I particularly like is a square shape with wood top handles that can be folded over for travel and will fit inside your suitcase. Retail prices: $32.00 - $290.00. To purchase: WWW.PAYTONJAMESUSA.COM

Photos and Article written by Trend and Fashion Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti.

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 2019 Coterie Trade Show On Women's Contemporary and Designer Clothing, Shoes and Accessories


K-Fashion stands for "Made in Korea Fashion" and was part of the Coterie Trade Show on women's contemporary and designer clothing, shoes and accessories. This took place at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC on September 15 - 17, 2019. The show was sponsored by KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and KFTA (Korea Fashion Textile Association). All the fabrics were sourced along with the design & sewing from Korea. Korean fashions are all about the highest quality fabrics available, femminity, classic styles and high fashion. Out of 29 brands showing I picked 3 designers that I thought had extremely high quality fabrics and timeless silhouettes. As an industry pro who attends all the NYC fabric shows I was quite impressed with the thickness of the cashmere sweaters and the weaving of the boucle fabrics. You can order the styles in my photos here in my blog or any of my social media pages and your item will be shipped to you very quickly but you must pay for the shipping cost (this isn't Amazon Prime with it's free shipping now but again you wouldn't find this quality of clothing on Amazon 😉) besides the price of the garment. Korea has a free trade agreement with USA and European Union. To find out more information about the Korean Designers showing at Coterie. WWW.MIKFASHION.ORG. Oh your thinking of exhibiting or buying some brands from Coterie then check out this website WWW.INFORMAMARKETS.COM.


A collection of 90% wool and 10% cashmere sweater dressing. These sweaters are very thick and are nothing like the ordinary sweaters that are labeled cashmere in every store in USA that end up being as light as feather and pill easily. My experience with cashmere sweaters is that the thick ones last for years and retain their shape whereas the thin ones last one season and stretch out. All the sweaters by this brand are knitted on a circular machine meaning no seams so not bulky at the sides of the garment and that is a sign of a high quality garment! All of these garments are soft to the touch of my hand. Since soft is the buzzword for fabrics nowadays because everyone wants softness next to their skin. Classic colors are mainly beige, grey and cream so that the items can be worn winter, spring and fall. Besides classic cashmere sweaters they also have a beautiful ribbed straight skirt. Some other items not in my photos are neutral color check and herringbone jackets that go perfect over the sweaters. Designed by Kwon_Minji whom is the person holding the sweaters in my photos. This is what I call investment clothing that you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. Priced from $200.00 to $500.00. To order: WWW.MARAN.KR 


The name of this brand is derived from a combination of the owner's daughter's names with the first being Jooyuen, the second daughter's name is Sooyuen and the third daughter's name Loohee. Jisun Choo, the owner said to me "when the brand grows the daughters will grow up with the brand and hopefully carry on with the brands name." I love boucle fabrics because they don't wrinkle, are great for travel and can be worn in comfort in all seasons but Summer when the heat is over 80 degrees unless your in air conditioning. The quality of this tightly woven fabric bonded with a cotton/polyester mix is as good as the French and Italian boucles and will not stretch out like the cheap boucles you find at the Junior Chain Stores. Since everyone is into "soft fabrics" this boucle won't itch your body. Colors are black/white, pastels that bloom like a flower and all the colors are harmonious. The designer picks the colors that will be interwoven in the fabrics she has made. The collection features dresses with organza overlay,skirts, pants, jackets, coats and capes that all coordinate together to make suits or old fashion ensembles (coats/capes & dresses/suits that match). Priced very reasonable from $400.00 - $1,000.00. To buy this very classic ladylike collection please visit: WWW.JOOSOOLOO.COM


The name means Greedy & Fabulous. The business owner's father named it this because he was a professor of English Prepositions in Korean Colleges. Colorful, fun and whimsical describes this collection. I loved this novelty line of separates for the bold use of color, color blocking and graphic/floral/plaid prints. Fabrics are lace, sequins on lace, satin, chiffon and ricrac trims. Styles include motorcycle jackets, baseball caps,envelope handbags with handles that match the jacket prints, dresses, baseball jackets, tailored high quality tee shirts/sweatshirts that aren't anything like the athletic versions you see in streetwear or on hip hop stars. This is street fashion at its best. Head Designer Younhee Park showed me the inside of the tees and sweatshirts and I can assure you these high quality fabrics won't fade or pill when worn. When you wear anything from this line you will be sure not to see the same article of clothing on anyone else where you live. The jackets & tee shirts can be paired with jeans or classic black leggings or bicycle shorts and with the matching silk baseball caps/scarves you will look chic to go out in the streets, shopping or to hang out with friends. Priced from $500.00 - $2,000. WWW.GREEDILOUS.COM 

Photos and Article written by Trend and Fashion Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti.

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OPTYX Woodbury Trunk Show Featuring Designer Eyewear

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane poses for a photo-op at Optyx Woodbury wearing Designer Frames

TV Host Cognac Wellerlane poses for a photo-op at Optyx Woodbury wearing Designer Frames by Alexander McQueen 

OPTYX Woodbury Trunk Show Featured Designer Eyewear just in time

for fall?

Shoppers engaged in an Experiential Marketing Experience at Optyx Woodbury NY. The event featured an unbelievable trunk show at @optyxeyecare new WOODBURY VILLAGE location.

Everyone that came enjoyed Viewing the entire new collections from #Gucci #AlexanderMCQueen and #SaintLaurent .

To top it off?? 20% off frames and 50% off lenses!!

The event took place at:

WHERE: OPTYX Woodbury Village

WHEN: 10-23-19

TIME: 11-3PM

Shoppers enjoyed refreshments, giveaways, 20% off frames and 50% off lenses, the style eyecups from each brand, and also enjoyed complimentary personalized frame styling!

Each attendee received a raffle ticket for a chance to win a FREE pair of designer frames. Raffle called at end of event!

Optyx is an optical retail store with Optometrists ready for eye exams at any of our 6 locations throughout NYC | Wheatley Plaza | East Hampton | Wantagh and our newest location Woodbury. Check out our website for more detailed information regarding store hours or Doctor hours. Also visit us on Yelp and Google and let us know how we are doing. We want to hear from you!

For more information please visit

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All the shows ran simultaneously at the Javits Center in NYC from August 4 - 6, 2019. Accessories Circuit is about high end and hand crafted accessories that are of the utmost quality. Accessories The Show is all about affordable but not budget priced accessories that most everyone can afford. Project Womens pertains to high end denim and hip/trendy clothing collections. Fame is clothing for the Junior and Contemporary Markets with emphasis on trendy. Moda caters to a conservative and older customer who doesn't want to stand out in the crowd.

Since Fall is almost here I'm going to give you the trends for Resort 2019/2020. Hemlines are getting longer and silhouettes are getting more volume to them. Lots of sheer fabrics to layer with. The main colors are all shades of pink/coral/yellow and neon colors. It's all about bows and they are on your neck, shoes, hair and waist. Major themes: MARAKARSHA, MOROCCO which consist of African wax prints in dresses/pants and crafty looks are key. Suede fringe on bags is back in style too. GO WEST = think Rodeo Queen in oversize cowboy hats and conches on belts/bags. UPDATED MILITARY = olive green mixed with orange/coral and of course that trend that never dies camouflage😉. SHINE = sequins, colored metallic foil in real/fake leather and ombre dip dye in fabrics. ANIMAL PRINTS that just won't stop trending do they? Prints are Zebra in black & white, Tiger Stripes, Leopard/Snake in colors, Tortoise prints, polka dots/micro polka dots/graphic prints all in black & white. Jewelry = gold chain links and oversized hoops. See my photo of the jewelry displays in the photos for more trends. Hats = buckets, floppy in cloth and large brim styles for dress up in straw. Shoes have chunky heels. Platform booties are making a comeback and Cognac Wellerlane,(the owner of the website) will be very happy for they are easy to stand in for NY Fashion Week.😀 Bags range from oversized to mini along with multiple bags on belts. Well I'll be right in style with lace and floral print opaque hose trending. Since fashion tops are very big you will need a wide sash belt to show to waist. For more information: HTTP://WWW.UBMFASHION.COM


This line is all about trendy and having fun with clothing. The handcrafted luxury collection is made in Hoboken, New Jersey which is right across the Hudson River from NYC. Marina, the owner told me each piece is hand painted and all the trims including the sequins are are put on by hand. It's all about positive messages such as love is the answer, love, blessed, all I need is everything, rebel, no more drama, ignorance kills, and loved rebel. I love this collection because it's all about glitz and glamour which we all know are my favorite looks for myself. A plain camouflage jacket becomes "a get noticed item as well as a conversation piece." This kind of clothing is so important in today's world where no one talks to each other anymore because it will start a conversation between two or more people that want to know where you got that fabulous piece of clothing. The basic prints that the designer uses are camouflage, animal prints, tie dye along with studded and sequin trims. These clothes compliment any of your denim clothing or just a pair of plain black leggings because these clothes are the stars to your wardrobe. Prices are $59.00 - $198.00 To buy anything you see here or on Instagram go to her shop on


​A fun/feminine/glamorous/colorful line of bags that don't look like the other eco-friendly bags in the market. Also ponytail holder/bracelets in same fabrication. I interviewed the lovely co-founder Janet whom comes up with trends/colors. Designed in LA but made in China. All bags have a shiny holographic and colorful look to them. Colors are clear with iridescent prints, black, fuschia, silver, gold and all clear. The hair accessories come with a one year guarantee or they will replace it for you. The colors they come in are rose, gold, fuschia, silver, purple and they sell for 3 or 5 pack for $15.00. The good news is the fabric is biodegradable/breaks down in landfill, eco friendly, non toxic, anti microbial, easy to clean, waterproof, fade proof and is made of the same material as medical tubing which is TPV and that is a resin. Styles are DOPP Kit, travel cosmetic bags, purse makeup bags, satchels, fanny packs, cross body bags and totes bags that can hold up to 30 lb with chain straps that are copper alloy and are corrosion resistant. Prices $24.00 - $99.00 To order: WWW.SHOPVERE.COM


​Anyone that knows me knows I have a pet peeve about having your bra straps show in a racerback/strapless top. Now you can wear your favorite supporting bra with your straps showing and I won't say something to you.😉 This company has decorative bra straps that are meant to show on your shoulders/back and attach to any bra using a special double stick tape that won't leave sticky residue on your skin. The tape can be use 3X and after each use you put the tape back on the paper for the next time. Replaceable tape to order on their website. Since I hear many brides (working as a personal shopper) say I can't wear strapless bras because they fall down due to heavy breast. This is their solution because they can wear their own bra with this companies lace/pearl/metallic embellished straps. The bra strap styles are trimmed with nailheads, rhinestones, sequins,raffia, faux leather, brocadeide, appliques and prints such as stripes, dots, florals, camouflage, sports, preppy, rock and roll and caters to ages 10 - 70. Cute for mother and daughter to match. Made in USA and $15.00 - $50.00 per package. The following style tops they are good for are strapless, tank top, racerback and off the shoulder. To order: WWW.PERTEH.COM


​These beautiful bags are handmade with no electricity using a sewing machine that is treadled operated in Liberia. Robin the designer told me her inspiration is from her living many places. The leather is goat sourced from West Africa and cowhide tanned in a bucket with a solution of nuts/seeds/water in Kenya. The durable cloth part of the bags is called "country cloth" and hand woven on looms. The fabric is from Liberia's formalwear. Since they don't have electric machines the craftspeople use knives to cut and shape the bags. Since this collection is made by Artisans they are meant to look uneven. All bags are unisex. The styles of bags are duffle, tote, wallets, portfolio cases, backpacks, crossbody, mens sandals, toiletries bags and priced $32.00 - $365.00. To buy these pieces of art go to: WWW.SAREP-ROSE.COM 

Photos and Article written by Trend and Fashion Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti.

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A trade show for the hip trendy guy who likes to wear the latest fashions no matter what his age was held at Pier 94 in NYC, July 22-24, 2019. The clothing styles were mainly casual but they had lots of grooming products and accessories that were unique. Upcycled was at the show again with it's tee shirts made from recycled water bottles and that were screen printed by hand WWW.UPCYCLELA.COM. I've worn and washed their tee shirts and they don't pill and wash/dry without a wrinkle unlike cotton blends. The show was broken down into three classifications: THE GENERAL STORE curated by Travis Weaver of Manready Mercantile. This section features homewares, apothecary brands, small batch goods and well crafted clothing, all with an emphasis on Made In America. QUEST pays homage to the traditional dresser but designed for the modren man. ALT - ABOVE TREE LINE is all about men who hang out in the great outdoors and like camping and other country activities. Curated by Andrea Westerlind. WWW.LIBERTYFAIRS.COM

Fashion and Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti poses for a photo-op at LIBERTY


The theme of this brand is "We build products with a practical purpose -- keepsakes which are set apart. Manufactured in America, our goods are timeless in form and use, both for home and abroad." The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky and the owner Tyler started with designing playing cards that have a new take on the original deck of cards. The cards come in a beautiful box with embossed lettering $15.00 or a vegetable tanned leather single deck case with cotton thread stitching $62.00 for travel. Oh your a card shark and play games like Hand and Foot then they have a double case for 2 sets of cards $88.00. What makes them different are the hidden messages on the cards. The Queen of Hearts has a voodoo doll on it and the Ace of Diamond says "here today/gone tomorrow".

Looking for handcrafted leather accessories? Some items are a minimalist wallet that has a built in business card case in vegetable tanned leather with hand stitched sides in waxed cotton thread in three colors at $58.00. Their ceramic flask in white or black are big enough to decant a pint of brandy but nice enough to put on your bar at $98.00. Going to your buddies home to play cards on the weekend then you can bring your favorite kind of booze in the flask along with your own deck of playing cards in either the box or leather case and your all set for a good time😁

I love love their line of two fragrances, UNDERHILL that mixes herbs and manly smells such as pipe tobacco,leather, wood and VALLEY OF GOLD which is the smell of wild gardens and the woods. The fragrances come in natural deodorants $15.00, natural soap with packaging that makes it a perfect to give as a gift $9.50 and solid cologne in a wooden case $60.00 that you refill $18.00 once the fragrance is used up. To carry all of your scented products when you travel they have a toiletries bag out of duck canvas with a leather strap that goes thru brass rings for $88.00 To order with quick delivery WWW.MISC-GOODS-CO.COM


La based company born 21 years ago for the owner Melanie Mayron (a famous actress) had a father that was a chemist who wanted to formulate a diaper cream for her newborn daughter. All made in USA, not tested on animals only actors who can sometimes be animals😉 After this they made skincare products. They have lots Artisan bars of soaps that won't dry your skin that are handmade/hand cut, 85% organic ingredients and have glycerin in the formula 4 and 5 oz = $11.00 - $15.00. Hand creams made with bergamot/blood orange, 8oz = $28.00 with a travel size 2oz $15.00. Do you have dry/cracked feet than they have a foot cream with clover and cucumber $24.00. Now guys for your junk in your trunk (your gentiles) they have special oils to make that area not itch and be dry. Easy oil that is norshing which is multipurpose/lightweight hydrating oil that absorbs/drys fast for I tested it and great for skin and body hair, 2oz $25.00. Some other items they make are deoderant, post shave lotion, sun block, chap lip ointment and so many other products that you can see and order on the website for quick order. Well Mister you had a baby and no excuse not to change the diaper with their diaper cream $16.00, baby soap $11.00 and many other wonderful products on the website. Most of the men's and baby products come in road packs that have a travel case to store all the small sizes in. Baby pack $57.00 and men's First Aid Road Pack $58.00. To order all the great products I wrote about or that you see in the photo WWW.MAYRONSGOODS.COM


Conceived in Toyooka, Japan over 50 years ago. Born from traditional craftsmanship refined through a blend of experience and modern technology bags are created as works of art but are functional at the same time. The vegan leather/leather soft/hard case styles are Messenger Compact, Messenger, Legionnaire, Doc Traveler Compact, Doc Ruscksack and shapes are backpacks, shoulder bags while others have a top handle and you carry them like a briefcase. Synthetic leather colors are black, green, red, silver, white, navy and leather colors are black, navy, red, grey, white and croco embossed leather colors are black, brown and wine. The great features about these bags is they have many inside/outside zipper pockets and they are on a frame so they don't crush what you have inside the bad when placed under the seat on an airline. I can't begin to describe all the many styles available so I suggest you go to the website to see everything and order what you like. Priced $220.00 - $900.00 but well worth it for they will last for many years to come. WWW.ARTPHERE.US


Article written by Trend And Style Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti

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Both tradeshows were held together at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, July 21 - 23, 2019. PROJECT is geared toward a hipper and younger guy that likes trendier fashions then his dad. Project show is broken down into many areas: The Tents - top luxury/designer brands that you would see at NY Fashion Week, Blue - premium denim, Project Sole - contemporary footwear, The Foundry - grooming products, contemporary home goods, purposeful objects and refined men's apparel and Project Men's - high end contemporary men's clothing. MRKET is for the sophisticated man who likes to dress up in tailored clothing with many vendors from Italy and England. MRKET show isn't about an age but a type of man weather contemporary or traditional. This guy likes to dress up with a blazer with his jeans.

I attended a trend seminar put on by world famous trend forecasting service WGSN and walked the shows so that I can tell you about the new trends going forward in men's fashions for Fall/Winter 2019 all the way to Spring/Summer 2020. Well it's time to bring your RIPPED JEANS to your local textile recycling center because they are out of style😁 or cut them above the knee to make them shorts. I didn't see any denim vendors pushing them in their booths either. Now that men's fashion is going more tailored, even street wear is going this way then you ask me what look is going forward? Here are the top trends for Spring/Summer 2020: Minimalism - using beige/khaki grey tones and green/teal colors; Future Commuter - heated pinks, mellow yellows, orange yellows and lilac; New Prep - madras plaids, tie dye, tropical prints, plaids, stripes in such silhouettes as varsity jackets; Vility -patch pockets, blocked color panels, bold bands on bottom of pullover shirts, neon contrast on dark colors and the market is still showing logos on everything. Newness in silhouettes: pleated and tailored trousers like the 1980's, Bermuda shorts with a wider leg, single breasted trench coats, boxy jackets, anorak jackets, relaxed boxy shirts as in the prints I stated above under New Prep, full cut tee shirts worn on the outside, Cargo pocket trouser, drawstring waist shorts, and polo shirts worn tight and to the waist but only if you have a trim midsection for you look like a slob if you have fat rolls at the waist hanging out of this shirt😒. Suits are relaxed and many with out linings or stiff interfacing. OK the question you have all been wanting to ask me as you went thru all the trends I discussed above is; if ripped jeans are out of style than what is the new look in denim? It's dad's jeans from the 1980's and 1990's with relaxed styles with baggy thighs, high waist with room in the hips. Well if your a fashion forward guy you can start wearing these trends for Fall/Winter 2019. For more infromation on the tradeshows put on by Informa Markets WWW.INFORMAMARKETS.COM

Trend Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti Poses for a photo-op at ​PROJECT & MRKET



Based in Sydney, Australia with stores in Bali and Sydney. The line started with coping vintage tees. This collection is all about the feel of the fabric. Special details of this street wear line are ripped hems in the back of the tee shirts and hand distressed denim jeans. The prints are recycled from vintage clothing. Each month a capsule collections of 16 - 20 pieces are released on the first of the month and when the production is all sold it won't be produced again so if you see something on their website you like you better buy it today for it won't be marked down tomorrow😞. Their prints consist of Leopard, Snake, Zebra, Jaguar, tough looking floral and come in button down shirts and board shorts that go from the beach to city streets. I love the fact that the jeans come with a bandana for your back pocket or to be tied at your neck. This collection caters to a young guy who likes to hang out with his buddies and look cool. Tee shirts $59.00 & up, denim $139.00 - $159.00, woven shirts $99.00 Tops sized S - XXL. Jeans in slim sizes 28 - 38. Check out their website for they have a huge collection of vintage tee shirts. WWW.THEPEOPLEVS.COM


The focus of this line is a clean look with performance. Fabrics are waterproof and made from recycled plastic, natural tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy and nylon. The company is based in London, ships from New Jersey and is made in Italy and China. Samuel Bail and Abel Samet whom I interviewed at the show are the owners but assist with the designing also. What's special about this collection is the bags have many inside/outside pockets with some elasticated for your pens, zipped ones for your valuables and padded ones for all your electronics. The shoulder straps are engineered to eliminate pressure points that make your back ache because of carrying your backpack. Backpack has padded memory foam for comfort. Their is a slot in the back to slide over the handle of your rolling suitcase so you can glide thru airports faster than if you had that bag on your back.😁 Other styles are briefcases, square edged instead of the usual round edged duffel bags that have pockets for shoes inside so your clothes don't get dirty from touching the soles of your shoes, shaving bags for travel, messenger bags, profolio cases, wallets, card cases and belts. The colors are black, brown, navy, grey and are priced from $95.00 - $1,500.00. For this price they will repair the bags for life it they can and they come with a five year guarantee which is wonderful for now you won't have to throw the bag away if the handle breaks. To order: WWW.TROUBADOURGOODS.COM


Based in London and designed by Andrew Sager who designs all the prints in house. The collection is made in Turkey which has higher quality fashions than China. Three partners founded this company six years ago to offer something to the youth market because they thought the men's fashion market was stale. This line is the "anti business suit" and it has a Rock & Roll and Punk attitude. They describe their brand "The New Tailoring Brand" and caters to the Millennial. The line is sold as separates such as pants, shirts and jackets. Shirts are in printed floral patterns and they feature fancy prints such as Barque Prints that are gold/silver foil on velour, over-sized floral prints in black lace, floral skull prints, and old school tattoo prints. One unique thing they do is a collar chain which goes from one side of the shirt collar to the other for it ads a touch of class to the shirt. All shirts are slim fitting, sized XS - XXL and $64.00 - $79.00. Trousers are cropped above the ankle with a skinny fit. They have a waistband inside that that keeps the shirt tucked in, sized 28 - 40 and priced at $63.00 - $83.00. What I love about this line is the jacket and pant fabrics are foil prints on velvet, fade print floral on velvet, flocked velvet, animal prints and sequins and the colorful linings are in oversize floral prints. Jackets sized 36 - 46 and $92.00 and up. You wear these suits on social occasions to weddings, proms, events where a tux is required and on stage if your a musician performing. You don't have to be in your 20's or 30's to wear this collection but you must be in good shape and look hip😉. Items in photo are for Fall 2019 but their website has a sale on Summer now. To order: WWW.TWISTEDTAILOR.COM 


The company is based in London and owned/run by a father and his two sons whom I met at the show. The line is made in Portugal and India but designed in London. A high fashion collection that caters to the hip and contemporary guy that wants to look fashionable no matter what his age is. Loafers are their statement shoes that coordinate with the fashion trends out there and with the suit company I wrote about above. They feature styles in glitter, tapestry, floral prints, moc croc, suede, brocade, linen and animal prints in fur calf (from hides of cows). Some suede and leather styles come unconstructed without linings and counters. Trims are buckles with ribbon tape underneath and tassels. Some styles come suede and leather mixed. A new way to wear loafers (if you get a pedicure gentleman) is the backless or mule style as in the photo above. Other style shoes and boots are: Chelsea Boots, Side Zip Boots, Brogue Shoes and Derby style shoes in suede. The sneakers are heavy trainer styles with thick soles in vibrant colors leather. All the shoes have leather soles, priced $90.00 - $150.00 and ships free to USA from London. To order: WWW.WALKLONDONSHOES.CO.UK

Article written by Trend And Style Reporter Patricia Ann Parenti

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This trade show took place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC on June 9-11, 2019. The show is part of Informa Markets profolio of global trade shows. Buyers for stores and websites could buy for now, Fall or Resort 2019 because all three seasons were featured at the show. Since we are already in the Summer season I'm going to give you all the fall accessory trends that I saw from walking the show. The biggest print trends are neon colored snakeskin (real or faux), camouflage mixed with flower prints, leopard and colored zebra. Other trends are feathers, sequins, fringe, ruffles, color blocking and tie dye. Accessories styles: BAGS: lucite bags for evening, tapestry purses for day, small purses for sporting events or evening with long chain straps meant to be worn cross body style, giant hobos with thick straps or ring handles, bucket bags and fanny packs in structured shapes. JEWELRY: square and rectangle bracelets, pendants on heavy chains in necklaces like in the 1980's, big rings on every finger, sculptured or mismatched but coordinating earrings and oversized hoop earrings. BELTS: 3-4 inch wide cinch belts to give billowy clothing a waist on your body. HATS: Berets with embellishment and bucket styles. HAIR ACCESSORIES: Logos on rhinestone barrettes, bows and butterfly fascinators. EYEWEAR: Aviator style is a major trend. SCARVES: Skinny and long scarves that hit the bust area and are tied at the neck. Photo of fall clothing by INA WWW.INAFASHIONUSA.COM, is showing that satin fabric is one of the biggest trends for daytime. Looking for resort accessory styles then you can see all of them in the photo with the display case. For more infromation about the show WWW.INFORMAMARKETS.COM






Look at the gorgeous colors in these handmade bags by Indigenous and Wayuu (means Native) ladies in La Guajira which is a small Colombian village. I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful designer, Auroi Ayala who was Mrs. Columbia of 2018 in the booth and she told me all about how this collection is made. This company is giving these village ladies an livelihood by making these bags. Mrs. Columbia teaches (hands on) the workers how to make the bags and what color combinations should be put together. The process for making these bags is done by hand with a needle and thread called Guajiro thread. The threads are woven together by two ladies sitting opposite from each other and weaving different color threads in a criss cross motion. Starting with the middle circle they expand the base in the shape of a circle then using the same yarn for the sides. The handle and matching drawstring along with tassels and pom poms are made separate and stitched on by hand. A plain bag takes 6 hours and an intricate pattern takes 4 days to make. Each purse is made by a family with each family member doing a separate step of the process. These bags come in many beautiful bright color combinations and some with crystals. From time of order they can be yours in a week or so. Hand wash solid colors only but the multicolor bags can be dry cleaned. Prices $40.00 - $120.00 and with these prices being so reasonable you should order a few for yourself and some for gifts. The earrings in the photos are handmade by the same workers as the bags, $50.00 and go perfect with all the long ruffle dresses being shown for Summer and Resort. They will ship to USA and you pay for shipping. To order: WWW.AURAAYALA.COM