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TV Host Cognac Wellerlane is also A TV Host for her own TV show Cognac's Corner which airs on Time Warner Cable in Manhattan and Cablevision on Long Island and the Hamptons with a combined viewership of 2 million households!

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Maria and Kenneth Fishel welcomed guests to their Bridgehampton, NY estate two weekends in succession for an exclusive Pre-Polo Cocktail Party. Guests mingled at the Fishel’s soiree prior to watching the first of two annual Hamptons Polo matches. In a tribute to the classic values of the sport attendees were encouraged to wear stylish hats.

Notable attendees included: Maria Fishel, Kenneth Fishel, Peter Thomas Roth, Jean Shafiroff, Ruth Miller, Randi Schatz, Ann Van Ness, Cheri Kaufman, Jacqueline Murphy, Suzan Kremer, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Vivian Louthan, Eugenia Valliades.

After the Fishel’s soiree, guests made their way to the Polo Hamptons field for the afternoon match.

Notable attendees at the Polo Match included: Christie Brinkley, Maria Fishel, Kenneth Fishel, Candice Bushnell, Jean Shafiroff, Ian Duke, Christine Montanti. Cagri Kanver, Frank Cilione. Event Security was provided by Wilson Associates.

Supporters and guests spent an unforgettable afternoon enjoying polo in the Hamptons! Publisher of Social Life Magazine and Philanthroposts Kenneth & Maria Fishel Invited all to attend on their magnificent property in Bridgehampton, NY to attend the Luxury Event of the Hamptons Season, Polo Hamptons! The event was produced in Bridgehampton on July 23 and July 30, 2022, from 4pm to 730pm. As guests enjoyed the thrill of the polo match and VIP cocktail party, they had access to an open bar paired with hors d'oeuvres by Elegant Affairs and preferred seating.

While the sport of polo is older than recorded history, we know that its origins are in the inspirational relationship between humans and horses. This special bond and the unique blending of athletic talents between horse and rider have helped polo evolve into The Sport of Kings.

Mounted nomads in Central Asia played a version of polo that was part sport and part training for war, with as many as 100 men on a side. The game followed the nomads’ migration to Persia (modern Iran) some time between 600 B.C. and 100 A.D.

In Persia, polo became a national sport, played by the nobility and military men. The game was formalized and spread west to Constantinople, east to Tibet, China and Japan, and south to India.

Modern polo originated in Manipur, a northeastern state of India. The Silchar Polo Club was founded in 1859 by British military officers and tea planters, after Lieutenant Joe Sherer saw the locals playing polo and said, “We must learn the game!” From India, polo spread as fast as its enthusiasts could travel, appearing in Malta in 1868, England in 1869, Ireland in 1870, Argentina in 1872 and Australia in 1874.

On a trip to England, James Gordon Bennett, publisher of the New York Herald, saw his first polo game. Early in 1876, he returned to New York with mallets, balls and a copy of the Hurlingham rules. The first game was played at a city riding academy; in the spring they moved outdoors to a field in Westchester County. That summer, the New York players took polo to Newport, R.I. Soon the galloping game was being played across North America.

About Maria and Kenneth Fishel:

Maria and her husband and company CEO, Kenneth Fishel, run Renaissance Properties, a family-run New York based real estate organization. The luxury real estate agency has distinguished itself as one of New York’s premier family-owned real estate firms for over a half a century. With over one million square feet of prime commercial and luxury residential space in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Southern Florida, where it owns the state-of-the-art Class A Aventura Corporate Center, Renaissance prides itself on bringing the highest level of comfort and modern technology within the most elegant build-outs; which provide the best living spaces and the fastest services to all of its tenants.

Aside from providing people the best locations to work and live, Maria is a prominent socialite, arts patron and philanthropist who works to positively impact the lives of others. Maria and Kenneth are dedicated to charitable giving through numerous arts, animal rights, health-related, and civic improvement causes. Since 2009, the Fishels have been strong supporters of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), where they have been instrumental in raising funds to help minimize and eradicate the scourges of cancer.

A longtime staple of the Hamptons, the Fishel’s have also hosted three of the tennis matches for the Charles Evans ProAM Tournament as part of the Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) benefit at their 16-acre estate in Bridgehampton, New York. Among some of the other charities they have been involved in are Chabad Center for Jewish Life, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The PAW Project, NoHo Business Improvement District and the Lincoln Center Corporate Fund. Kenneth serves on the boards of SWCRF, Community Housing Improvement Corporation and Noho New York Business Improvement District.

When Maria is not indulging her passion for the arts by attending lectures in art history, music and literature at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she is a committee member, major fundraiser and chair of events for the SWCRF, and their annual Hamptons Happening.

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